Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Lets talk about Cyber bullying and gossips

This is for all the girls out there facing cyber bullying and so on, especially in Ilorin.

Hmmmm where do I start from sef. I will use myself as an example in this article because I am a victim. People tend to judge just because you are fair or rich or just because you are friends with some people. I have been accused of so many things wrong in this world. Cyber bullying is a very serious issue. Ilorin boys will tell their friends they have slept with you and the other one will add his own. Bla bla bla. Some of this guys cant even talk to you on a normal level. Girls steadily dehumanising themselves, sending Life threats to each other on top boyfriend ooo that one killed me most. Lol.

They always say their is no smoke without fire. I agree if its a smoke outside Ilorin. If they see you in a guys car like this you are fucking him automatically. Its just funny. A rumour is and will always be a rumour unless a proof is seen. Well am not sayin some of the gossips aint real and all o, dnt get me wrong. All am saying is that you should not judge a girl because her friends are doin certain things and because shes getting money. Now let me say this. Its not like am trying to encourage anyting here but even if she is a runz girl pls how is it anybodys business? Everybody has the right to live and do anything she wants. Dont talk about her yet until one of your family members wants to Wife her. LOL.

Now I have noticed that most girls talk out of Jealousy 99% of the time. And I ask WHY? I mean if you want her life whether shes doing runs or not ask her to connect you. This has been going on for too long. As a matter of fact I have lost people that mean alot to me cos of this cyber bullying. They turned my blog as an avenue to talk as "Anonymous" ( not like i care about that tho).

But then I congratulate myself I have seen and I have conquered, For dusting off every one of the shits the evil birds have dumped on me. I congratulate mysef for being a better woman than most of these critics of mine. I am proudly more human than you and am so certain in the presense of GOD cos i wil never be this cruel. I am not saying am a saint o Of cos i talk about people but not in such a crazy and sad way. This is for all the girls that are being accused of one thing or the other varies from lesbianism, prostitution, bleaching and so on and on, yall should be strong and very very soon all your critics will have nothing to say about u other than Goodnews.

I am not judging anyone.

Stop bringing yourselves down. SAY No to cyber bullying.


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