Friday, 12 February 2016

Make up Artist calls out actress Lizzy Anjorin for threatening herixdxdc;]

According to the girl whose handle is @ceo_gtm and who is  makeup artist posted this on her IG with the munched text messages, see below
          'Help help make una save me from liz anjorin. She called me for a job and she gave me #200 for my food allowance. I am a professional makeup artist and i told her its not done anywhere, that I cnt accept it!
          And she pleaded wit me dat d second day she would make it up to me. The secod day she gave me #500 again wich her i cnt accept nd i told her to give me the regular food allowance n she replied dat dats the amount she has, in a rude manner, which i cnt comply with
          I told her i was going to leave  her set n i did. but she started shouting even b4 i left n i dnt wana exchange words with her. Waking up dis mownin all i found was several text messages 4rm her wich include incantation n different curses,insuts 2me and my unborn child "n she's  nt one of my big sis. Can pne's big sister have dis such attitude/!!!!!!!!!!!!! s
Save me 4rm her ooooooo. Nothing must happen 2 me anf my unborn  child anjorin!1 save me 4rm her oo"

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