Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Newly appointed governor of Lagos state visits accident scene

Akinwunmi Ambode on Tuesday visited the scene of the ghastly accident involving a fuel tanker that was involved in an accident and burst into flames, leading to the damages worth millions. He said: 

“Around 1 a.m, a tanker loaded with 33,000 litres of petrol fell from the Ipaja bridge and spilled all its contents covering almost five streets here. In the last four hours, all our emergency agencies have been effectively on the ground and we have been able to manage and control consequences of what 33,000 litres of petrol would have done to this neighbourhood. Thank God, there has not been any loss of lives, but again, there are victims whose shops were destroyed. As of the last count, the agencies have been able to report that everything has been put under control. We’ve also recorded two other incidences, just like this one in other parts of Lagos overnight; one in Badagry and the other one in the Ojo area.  It would also mean that our tanker drivers have to start to do something about their operations. We cannot continue to record loss of lives and property because our tanker drivers ‎are not disciplined.”

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