Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Kylie Jenner on the first thing she will do once she turns 18

Kylie Jenner will be 18 by August and her 18th year old birthday is definitely one anticipated date of the year because a lot of people can’t stop speculating and talking about the first thing she will do once she is legally an adult. I know shes going to move out of her parents house first. Kylie has however come out to actually tell us what her plans her once she turns 18. She told E!news at the recent launch of her Kylie Hair Kouture extension line at Bellami Bauty bar that:
“Well the first thing I want to do is maybe have like a birthday party and then maybe go on a trip with just my friends. I’m legal, so I can go on a trip legally without a chaperone, so that’ll be fun, just a girl trip.”

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