Monday, 5 October 2015

Read this story written by Abodurin Lukman

Happy home!!!! 

This is a true life story pls try and read over 2 learn
one or 2 things!!! This happened 23years ago. A man got married to a
young beautiful lady at the early 90's. The couple worked so hard to
create a home.
Months after their marriage things started changing
from good to bad. The wife started suspecting her husband of
infidelity which was as a result of peer group!!! She kept mute
because she had no proof against the husband. The man{name withheld} was an hard working,brilliant,intelligent person in the
society. He works for a big company holding a better position in his place of work. He was seeing another woman outside his marriage which
led to pregnancy. The man in question tried all his possible best to get rid of the pregnancy but all his pleas fell on the deaf hear of the pregnant lady.. The news couldn't be broken in a cold blood manner
but the truth still has to be told. The wife started suspecting some
foul play{women are winch} she wasn't sure of what might have happened
but she perceived something was wrong the moment she saw her husband's
family at her matrimonial home. She knew that couldn't be a visit coz
she was caught unaware of their visit which was unusual. Narrating
such ill news sometimes comes in a funny manner" our daughter we've
offended you and we want you to forgive us" said the head of the
family. She was surprised as she couldn't picture what might have been
the offence. She replied " olori ebi you haven't done anything wrong
or has my husband reported me to the family?. The news that her
husband impregnated another woman was broken to her as she was
consoled by a female member of the family . She was dumbfounded for
about a minute as she couldn't still believe what she heard from the
head of the family. she slumped after hearing d story and all effort
to resuscitate her was to no avail. The head of the family suggested
they took her to the hospital before things get out of hand. On their
way to the hospital something terrible happened!!! ... 

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