Tuesday, 20 October 2015

This LOVELY Bride Presented A ‘CERTIFICATE OF VIRGINITY’ To Her Father On Her Wedding Day . . And That She’s A VIRGIN!!

A woman named Brelyn Freeman (now Bowman) is about to make NATIONAL NEWS. You see, learned that Brelyn recently wed her longtime boyfriend Tim Bowman Jr. Both Brelyn and Tim are DEVOUT Christians, and Breylyn's father is Pastor Michael Freeman who is the founder and pastor of Spirit of Faith Christian Center (SOFCC) with locations in Prince George's County and Howard County in Maryland.

What makes this special is that on her wedding day, Brelyn gave her father a "CERTIFICATE OF PURITY." That is a doctor's certification that her hymen was intact, and proof that she was a virgin on her wedding day. Of course, her father was appreciative of it.
But what do y'all think about that . . . is it WEIRD?? Or are we just hating cause ain't NOBODY gonna certify NOTHING when it comes to our cooch???
Ummmm . . . well, if she's cool with that. Then all the best to her and her new husband.
Source- Mediatakeout

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