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Top 10 Most Beautiful Hostels In Unilorin

Resumption is in the air, and for many students (fresher’s & returning students) this also means a start of a new session! Aside from coordinating your books and cloths, students are also faced with many major decisions, where they will live and what hostel they will live in.

To help guide these students, has developed a list of the ‘’Top 10 Most Beautiful Hostels in Unilorin’’ to shine some light on hostels that make great accommodation.
Aside from helping students make informed decisions on hostel rentage, also knows that students still like to have fun! So our list also takes into consideration lifestyle factors so that students can work hard and play hard!.

Laff dorm is a great choice for any students who deem themselves fun lovers, the hostel boasts of several recreational centres including a Sports viewing center, basketball court, table tennis, unisex saloon and boutique, a buttery and also a mosque. Laff dorm maintains a furnished 54 rooms and it is located at Laff close, off Femi Durosaro Street, behind Royal FM, Tanke

This hostel is a piece of firm, well-furnished 48 self-contain rooms located at Unilorin 49Plus Street. Ibidun hostel is located in a serene neighbourhood and it is in close proximity to the university gate. Ibidun hostel remains a good choice for students seeking to avoid unnecessary distraction in pursuit of good grades.

Built in 2013, Doam suites is a ready-made hostel including a bed, curtains, wardrobe, cable connection and a reading table and chair in every room. Interesting right! It is also a spacious and ideal room for two. This hostel is located along Big Boy Street, Tanke Ajanaku. A hostel mostly dominated by female students, here is the only hostel where exotic cars like Porsche cayenne turboS, Mercedes benz s550, Range rover and G-wagon are seen, dunno why myself?j (lipsealed smilley)

The presence of a really spacious room and two large wardrobes isn’t the only reason Harmony hostel is a popular hostel amongst students. Built in 2013, Harmony hostel is located in a serene environment around Akogun viewing centre, Jalala Area, Tanke Oke-Odo. Harmony hostel features 20 well furnished rooms with available water and adequate security on guard 24/7. And yeah I heard if Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg were to be students of Unilorin, this would definitely be there hostel!

You know the moment you realise this hostel got its name from students and you wonder why, this is because it really is worth the hype. Built in 2014, Marble lodge is a tastefully finished 20 rooms self-contain accessorised with state of the art materials. I heard it houses some of the rich kids on campus, its a   G.R.A residence of sort, u hardly see  anybody moving in or out of the compound. Marble lodge is located beside Bekandims hotel & resorts, along Oko Oba, Tanke Oke-Odo.

Probably the most popular hostel in Unilorin and also the oldest on the list. K-Dorms is a well built, 24 rooms self-contain each with its own ready-made bed, mattress, curtain and reading table and chair. Located opposite Total petrol station, Tanke Oke-Odo. K-Dorms has its own popular cyber café and buttery. You can't be caught loitering around this powerfull hostel. when you hustle and get paid, here is the only clique/ condo you'lld want to chill.

    With its beautiful surroundings in a serene environment,Radajdorm marks no-4 on our list of top 10 most beautiful hostels in Unilorin. With 36 ensuite tastefully furnished self-contain rooms, Radajdorm features its own buttery, the hostel also possesses sufficient parking space for vehicle owners. Known for its frequent and hot hostel parties, attended a few myself and there is no way this hostel isn't gonna make this list!

Built 5 years ago, Poka Royale is popularly known for its beauty, ensuite rooms, its outdoor chill zone. Built 4 rooms to a waiting room, Poka Royale boasts of a TV and Cable network in each waiting room to encourage social relationship among occupants, need we mention the available bed & curtain in every room?

Living in Larape Ville is like getting a 2-for-1 deal. You get suburban quality of Tanke mixed with the constant feeling of lodging in a hotel. Home to some of the biggest boys on campus, Larape boasts of a large room (suitable for two) modern interior materials and a general generator for occupants. Indeed a 5-star hostel, rumors have it that bank statements are required to make rent, I doubt that's true tho. None other could be worth the no-2 spot.

Even without a name tag, this hostel is no doubt the most beautiful hostel in Unilorin. This hostel is a tastefully finished 8 self-contain rooms, large enough for two located beside NNPC Petrol Station, Mark area Tanke. Its interior has carefully selected high quality tiles and wardrobes {room & Kitchen} while the entire compound is fitted with interlocking tiles. Mark is a nice and bubbling neighbourhood with new estate developments, and it’s a 5 minutes’ drive away from the school gate. Indeed none other could be more beautiful!!

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