Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Allow me to Introduce "The Legal Eagle Foundation" to you

Eagle's Foundation

 A Unilorin Student’s Stroke of Genius.
As with activism and the gumption to galvanize people to be gallant go-getters, a young lady has emerged with a gamut of selfless goals to champion the cause of Kwarans. In a state where philanthropy and activism were often the exclusive terrain of the privileged few, comes the incredible story of a renowned activist who envisaged that most students’ attitude to skill acquisition and creativity were quite ambivalent and disheartening—

Anifowoshe Titilope, a 500 level Law student of the University of Ilorin decides to refrain from merely observing the society with a blurry quasi-idealist telescope. Mindful of the challenges ahead, she established the Legal Eagle’s Foundation with the primary motive to encourage students to desist from viewing themselves as nothing but academic draftees who mustn’t browse beyond dictated curriculum.
On the 18th Day of March, 2015, under the aegis of University of Ilorin SUG, Titilope made a stroke of genius by considering it imperative to invite women of substance in business, politics, academics and even the entertainment industry to interact with female students in Unilorin, on how to broaden their knowledge, get rid of gender stereotypes, inferiority complex and hone their God-given skills.
The young activist succeeded in helping participants to overcome self-deprecation, complacency, hang-ups, and depression at the event which attracted over 70% of students from and outside the university. The young activist is of the opinion that women should not be pigeonholed or relegated as the weaker sex.

Titi's concern for females is not just restricted to her course mates. In fact, she established the Legal Eagle Foundation with the modest mission to serve "God and Humanity." Today, many students extol the contributions of the Legal EAGLE in broadening the circle of liberty, validating and ennobling student unionism; and fortifying fellow females against miscreants and misogynists.
Interact with anyone who knows Anifowoshe Titilope and you will be stunned to realize that she is neither hostile in the hostel nor callous in the classroom; almost everyone has a story to tell about her affectionate manner. As a student, wouldn’t just sit in the library to churn out highfaluting articles– she makes time out of her busy schedule to exhort her mates to eschew truancy and acquire skills for a life-long success.

One of the major goals of Legal Eagle Foundation is to inspire students to transform their free periods into skill honing moments and cross-fertilization of ideas among their peers.
Titilope has also decided to take the initiative to her ancestral home, Igbonla, Irepodun LGA., Kwara State. with the incoporation of Odusote Yetunde aka Legal Parrot from Olabisi onabanjo university, Joshua Ogundare aka Josh Drey from Moshood abiola university, Raji Shakirudeen aka Bolaji Arab and a host of othet young men from different institutions in Nigeria, she who hopes to change the mindset of the students against complacency. She also hopes to give the youths of Igbonla an open access to a range of skills that can be useful in their chosen career. Legal Eagle Foundation’s lofty initiatives are widely known; even the Eleju of Igbonla, Oba Olabisi A.F. (Ph.d) had also given his blessing.
My only caveat is the name of Titilope’s foundation– ‘Legal Eagle’ which I thought unveils a shrouded tin-pot of an activist basking in ivory-towery euphoria; but, further inquiry revealed that activist’s goals are genuinely ineffable, and she has painstakingly mapped out plans on how to achieve her targeted goals.

It will however, be disingenuous on my part as a writer to turn a blind eye to the activities of a student whose colloquial expression is seldom spun without words such as ‘care’ and ‘liberty’.

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