Saturday, 22 August 2015

Orezi talks about the "stunt" that helped his careeer and Skiibii`s latest one

Nigerian hiphop star, Alhaji OREZI talks about his own publicity stunt and that of Skiibii, lots of people sad it was too extreme and too serious by playing with death. altho upon all that some people still dont know him. here is what Orezi has to say:

"so whatever it is, if it was a PR stunt they did get everybody.People got to know who Skiibii is they started searching for him on google, started following him on Instagram. They started downloading his songs to know how he sounds, if it was a publicity stunt it worked. 

Alot of people are angry because they thought it was too extreme but if he uses it to his own advantage and blows up with a great song, all of us will come out again to say (the stunt) actually worked and everything will be forgotten.

About his own publicity Stunt ,he has this to say

"I did not do it intentionally tho so i wont say i did it. When i was in Dubai, news came out that i was arrested for drug trafficking.It went viral, everyone was calling my mum, i was afraid and all but it got me more popular so i wil say it worked. But it wasnt premeditated".

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