Sunday, 2 August 2015

Has Kylie Jenner paid off Tyga's $50000 rent debt?

It has appeared that Kylie Jenner will do anything for her man, including pay his bills! has exclusively learned that after the 25-year-old rappers landlord has threatened to sue him for $50,000 in back rent, he was able to persuade his teen queen to pay it for him.

She agreed, with one stipulation, however – that he ditch his $25,000-a-month Calabasas, Calif home and move in with her.
And now, insiders say, her family is furious. “The Kardashians told her that even the fact that he asked her to pay that much money for him is beyond ridiculous.”
“Kylie doesn’t care about $50,000 because that is nothing to her,” the source tells Radar.
“To her, that amount of money is spent a week on just a few purses.”

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