Saturday, 16 May 2015

Rapper Trina Talks about Being a Side Chick

American rapper Trina had a chat with Tim Westwood on The Tim Westwood Show to talk about her upcoming album, her new endorsements and more. She also talked about her ex relationship with French Montana. Tim Westwood asked a lot of questions and she had some interesting answers. Read excerpts from her interview below:
On Her Relationship with French Being Flawed and Moving On: I didn’t think [it was perfect]. It’s always the other people that think so, sometimes you don’t think that yourself. It’s always the outside looking in that thinks that should be the perfect thing. Sometimes you’re on the inside and you don’t really see it like that. I’m not really ever stuck in a difficult situation. I know what works for me and what doesn’t work for me. If something doesn’t feel good, I always find my way out of the situation and keep it moving. I’m not a grudge holder or a negative person.
On Having Respect for Wayne but Refusing to Be another Babymother: That’s a different story. But Wayne is amazing, he is a great guy and a great friend of mine. [I didn’t want to be another babymother]. I did not want to be and I was not going to be and that is why I’m not. I’m not with the babymother circle of circle of circle of things. That could be a reality show. I don’t want to be a part of it. I think for me, I want to have a baby but I want it to be with a husband. Not with just a guy and it’s random and you never know what happened and it just don’t work out and then you’re just another baby mother.
On Not Being Able to Get with the Sidechick Life: I don’t do casual [relationships]. I don’t do sidekick, I don’t do second. Or nothing. I don’t do anything. I don’t do hide in the closet, none of that. No basics over here. To me, the side[chick] meaning you’re not confident enough in yourself to feel like you are worth being the main. The wife. Number one.  The it- the live-in. The ‘say we together.’ You’re not hiding [me]. All of this? I’m not hiding- no. I need to be front and center, where you can see. I’m proud of myself, I’m very comfortable. You should be more excited that you’re with me, more than anything. So there is definitely no sidekick, there is definitely no hiding, none of that. The sidekick is not winning… basic b*tches- no, we don’t do that. There are some basic guys too. Like guys- now girls have side dudes. And if you’re a side dude- that’s not it.
On Dating Someone Now: Can’t really say the name, keep the name really secret because that will just blow up everything but it’s just a good person, a good energy.
Watch her interview below:

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