Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tanzanian Supermodel Millen Magese undergoes successful Endometriosis Surgery

She is a renowned model who has appeared in some of the world’s most prestigious fashion shows in Africa, Europe, America and Asia, and has worked with leading designers such as Ralph Lauren and Karen Millen. Yet despite her professional success, Millen Magese knows the anguish of living with a debilitating, life-changing medical condition.The Tanzanian model has been vocal about her battle with the condition and infertility. But four (4) weeks ago, she had a surgery to retrieve her eggs and the doctors were able to successful retrieve six (6) eggs. She captioned the pic on IG 

Late post …. IAM recovered now ….. This was done 4 weeks ago .thank you all for prayers . #MyjourneyWithEndometriosus /infertility.Till we find Cure ,we will #SpeakOut ,May Our Voices be heard and acknowledged・・・DONT LOOSE HOPE ,everything is possible in God’s plan.

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