Saturday, 9 May 2015

Buhari’s Appointed Ministers, Lawmakers To Get N9Bn Allowance

Out of a total of N9bn, the housing, furniture and vehicle allowances payable to the lawmakers and ministers under the Buhari-led administration will amount to about N7.3bn. The remaining N1.7bn will cater for other perks of office such as motor vehicle maintenance, fuelling, and others. Punch reports
The perks of office include the housing allowance which each of the incoming office holder is entitled to receive once a year, the furniture allowance which they are entitled to once in four years and motor vehicle loan which they are entitled to once in their tenure.
Housing allowance for the political office holders is 200 per cent of their annual salaries; furniture is 300 per cent and motor vehicle loan is 400 per cent.
The allowance for vehicle had been controversial. According to RMAFC, this allowance payable once in four years is a loan for any member that wants. This means that it is repayable
The eighth National Assembly will be inaugurated by Buhari on June 5 after the expiration of the tenure and dissolution of the 7th National Assembly on the same date.
Membership of the eighth National Assembly include 109 senators and 360 members of the House of Representatives elected on the platform of different political parties from across the country.
Heads of both chambers of the National Assembly are not entitled to housing and furniture allowances as they’ll be provided for by the Federal government.
Housing allowance : N4,052,800
Furniture: N6,079,200
Vehicle: N8,105,600
House of Reps
Housing allowance (yearly): N3,970,425
Furniture: N5,955,637.50
Vehicle: N7,940,850.50
Housing allowance: N3,915,160
Furniture: N6,079,200
Vehicle loan: N7,830,320
Special Adviser
Housing: N3,885,750
Furniture: N5,828,625
Vehicle: N7,771,500
These include motor vehicle maintenance and fuelling. This is pegged at 75 per cent of their monthly salary.
Others are personal assistant, 25 per cent; domestic staff, 75 per cent; entertainment, 30 per cent; utilities, 30 per cent; newspapers/periodicals, 15 per cent; wardrobe, 25 per cent; house maintenance, five per cent; and constituency, 250 per cent.
There are other entitlements that they do not receive direct payments for but are provided and paid for by the government. These are special assistants, security and legislative aides. What this means is that those engaged in these capacities are paid directly by the government as the allowances cannot be claimed by political office holders. These allowances apply to senators and members of the House of Representatives.
Medical expenses are also borne by the government when they have need for them.
The lawmakers are also entitled to tour duty allowance, estacode (when they travel) and recess allowances. 


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