Sunday, 10 May 2015

9ice gives more insight about his political Ambition

In a new chat with showtime Celebrity, Popular singer, 9ice who recently contested for the Federal House of Representatives, Ogbomosho North/Ogbomosho South/Orire Federal Constituency on the platform of his party, APC revealed that his political ambition is still very much alive. Read Excerpts from the interview below;
What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learnt from your experience in politics?
I’ve learnt that Nigeria lacks leadership. It’s ‘moneyticians’ that they see, and they have no choice
but to follow whoever they see. During the course of my campaign, I learnt a lot, and I got closer to the people. I listened to their yearnings, and realized that they want a lot of things, but are not getting what they want.
I will also implore people who have the passion to lead their people to offer themselves up for service. The people that we have there now are not leaders; they’re just there for whatever they’ll gain.
This is your first shot at politics, but what would you say is your ultimate ambition?
My ultimate ambition in politics is to become the governor of Oyo State. However, I’ll still run for the Federal House of Representativesto serve my constituency in the next election. I believe I can serve in that position very well, and I also know that I stand the chance to become the governor of Oyo State.
What’s your relationship with Toni Payne now?
We don’t have any relationship outside my son, Zion. She’s doing fine, and I’m doing fine as well. We both take care of our son.
You once said that bloggers should not upload your songs again, what’s your problem with them?
I’m still saying that. How could they be offering my songs for free when same songs are available at iTunes for certain price? My problem with them is that they should not put up my songs for free when same songs are being sold somewhere else. There will be a time I’ll also release some songs for free. It’s not charity; it’s business. I have to make money.
Your voice has changed over the years, what’s the real cause of this?
As at the time I recorded my first album, I was 24 years old, and if you compare that to when someone is 35 years old, you can see the changes in the physical body and every other aspect. Age has a lot to do with that.
Another factor is that most times when we go for concerts, the microphones and other sound equipment are not right. I end up shouting at the top of my voice. Imagine someone doing that consistently for five years. After the release of ‘Gongo Aso’ I was doing shows all over back and forth for almost five years. Sometimes, you rehearse your songs on a particular key, and when you get there for performance, they play a different key. So with all these, there is the tendency to lose your voice, and even get the voice cracking.

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