Monday, 11 May 2015

Mercy Aigbe talks about her first failed Marriage

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe-Gentry and her husband were featured in the sunday edition of Punch and they talked about what has kept their marriage going, how they have been able to deal with publicity and much more. She also talked about her first marriage as well as how things ended. She got married a to her second husband in 2013. Excerpts below;
How did you meet your wife?
Lanre: I met her through one of my friends eight years ago. When I told her I fancied her, she waved it aside. She also told me she already had a fiancĂ© in Malaysia, whom she loved and did not want to let down. One morning, she called to tell me she was at my office. When I got there, she told me she had agreed to marry me. I asked about her fiancĂ© and she told me she only did a bit of leg-pulling. She told me she used to be married and already had a child .That was a non-issue as far as I was concerned.
What lessons did you draw from your first marriage?
Mercy: Then, I was young and naive. Now, I handle issues differently. Also, the major reason my first marriage failed was because my ex-husband’s mum did not want him to marry from another tribe.
Is it true that you left your ex-wife because you wanted to marry Mercy?
Lanre: Not too many people know me or how I live my life. Mercy was not instrumental to the breakup of my first marriage. We had been divorced for almost three or four years prior to the time I met Mercy.
You have had your share of controversies and scandals, how have you handled them?
Mercy: I do not think I have had any controversies since I got married. They were just misconceptions. People thought I married a married man and I was a second wife. What they did not know or care to know was that he was already a divorcee when we met.
You must experience domestic issues…
Mercy: There is no home where spouses do not have issues. There is no perfect marriage anywhere in the world. It is normal for husbands and wives to have little misunderstandings, but I have never had any major issue.
Is it true you always embarrass her in public?
Lanre: How can I embarrass my wife in public? I never do that because I respect her as a person, wife and mother. A short time ago, a blogger reported that I beat my wife. I was very angry because I could not understand why I would want to condescend that low. I don’t beat my wife and I have never beaten a woman. I don’t even know how to argue with people.

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