Sunday, 3 May 2015

Official Report and Gists from the Fight of the Century

Here is my Official Report on the fight of the century. Well me am not a fan of boxing, i mean why should I be excited about two people beating themselves :( if twas football ehn *graps popcorn*, but i just had to do it for you guys. After so much international hype o for the last 5 months, that Pdiddy and Mark Walhberg even bet $250,000 on Pacquaio and Mayweather respectively with the winnings going into the victorious fighter's charity affair, the whole thing didnt even last up to an hour. So Last night in Las Vegas, FLOYD MAYWEATHER claimed an unanimous point verdict over MANNY PACQUIAO to win the richest fight in boxing history and maintain his over perfect record. Watching it with my boyfriend and his friends, they made it too funny, they had so many things to say, the made me stay awake with their funny commentaries if not I would have dozed off, some were Team Pac some were Team Money. But after 12 rounds, Team Money took the Money home, and twas fun watching Team Pac lose their money. LoL. Mayweather has a perfect record in 48 professional fights dated back to 1996. He bags the WBC and WBA welterweights and now he took the WBO belt from Pacquaio. The highlight of the show was in the 4th round or so when Manny landed two strong hooks on Floyd on the head from the left and for a tiny moment I actually thought he was gon fall, but he was quicker throughout and always in control and always using his corner tactics. Yall should see the scoresheet again below; 
Me I cant be analyzing all the rounds for you guys o, like i said am not a big fan of this sport, i just had to watch, If twas about football now *fastens seat belt* :). Ehn ehn i noticed quite alot of celebrities there too o, They were all there to watch despite the fact that some of them paid as high as $350,000 for tickets on the resale market. Choi just to watch two people blow their heads ooo. The fight I gathered was gon generate about $400million. Odikwa serious. Oya back to the celebrities, me i dunno the name of the guy that sang the Mexico anthem and the Philippines anthem too but it was sha Jamie Foxx that sang the USA anthem. Ehn ehn i heard that its not all about money for you to seat in front Row o, u gatz get LEVELS too mehn. Some celebrities were in the 6th, 7th row but i think i spotted Beyonce and Jay Z in the 3rd row(Awon baba ati mama niyen). The legend Mike Tyson was there. Lil wayne brought his bae Christian Milan, Pdiddy also came with his bae Cassie. Meek mill and Nicki Minaj, 50 cent, Denzel Washington, Jake Gyllenhaal, Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Robert Deniro and so on. I guess dats all for the Hollywood people. In the sports world i saw Micheal Jordan Russel, Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson. Ehn i almost forgot Justin Bieber ooo, i guess he was among the guys that walked Mayweather in. Iyaff try o u guys should check out photos below;

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