Friday, 1 May 2015

You are no one's responsibility

Contrary to popular opinion, nobody owes you anything. Why are you pouting because your uncle didn't send you some money, your friend didn't get you a birthday gift, your cousin didn't get something for your baby or someone didn't visit you. When last did you get something for them? Oh, you gave expecting something in return? Have you died as they got nothing for you? Would it be a crime if you decide to be a cheerful giver yourself? You have no idea what's happening with them. Be content, you're not a beggar. Stop whinning and get productive, you owe yourself a good life.

I guess you know there are some parents who are not responsible for their children? How do you explain a parent who expects her teenage/undergraduate child to support her? Yes, it is so wrong but we should not take parents, who care for, feed, cloth, protect and put us in school, for granted.

We wouldn't be so disappointed if we stopped expecting so much. It makes us more appreciative when we do get something. Hopefully, there wouldn't be any nagging around here anytime soon.
Thanks for reading bloghearts.
Thank you my Boss Anuoluwapo Tara for allowing me share this with my readers.

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